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The priory Santa Maria de l’Eule was built in the 12th century by the Cistercians, near Thuir, in Roussillon. Many chapels and priories can still be found in this area, as it remained rural and untouched by Gothic architecture in later centuries.
The chapel of the Priory still remains and was integrated in the buildings of the Estate which were built in the 18th century.
Two hundred years old trees around the estate are witnesses to this era and give nowadays an impression of greatness and peace one can enjoy at Nadal Hainaut.
Wine growing has always been part of the Estate. Jean Marie and Martine Nadal carry on with this tradition.
The Estate represents 48 hectares. The Nadal follow the principles of “agriculture raisonnée”, and Nadal Hainaut is Terra Vitis certified. At present in conversion, it should be AB certified in 2013.

The soil is mainly clay and limestone, with some terraces which are in fact the foothill of the “Aspre”. These hills surround Thuir and rise slowly in front of the Pyrenees and the majestic Canigou.

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